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Xiao Bai Diffuser ( Dream Of Provence) D6 ( ANY 4 DIFFUSER FREE 1 )

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Dream of Provence

TOP:  lavender

MIDDLE: Neroli

BASE:  Cardamon

A fresh and soothing fragrance of lavender with the uplifting notes of Neroli Blossoms.

Place this diffuser in any room and be soothed by the warm, comforting embrace of Lavender with the beautiful balancing fragrance of Neroli. A timeless favourite.


Natural essential oil, plant phytoncine, environmentally friendly solvent, organic quaternary ammonium salt.

Caution :


. Keep in a secure place out of reach and sight of children and pets.

. Avoid eye and skin contact.

. Do not use for purposes other than originally intended.

. Do not light sticks.

. Wash hand after use.

Alcohol free / Eco friendly / natural ingredients/ vegan / Cruelty- free